29th August – 9th September 2012


Mascot: Mandeville

29th August – 9th September 2012


Mascot: Mandeville

Facts & Figures

4,243 athletes (1,502 women / 2,741 men) from 164 countries

503 medal events

20 disciplines

2.7 million spectators

6,000 media representatives

251 World- and 314 Paralympic records broken

Medaillenanzahl Österreich:

  • 32 Austrian athletes (5 women and 27 men)
  • 13 medals (4 gold, 3 silver and 6 bronze)
  • National ranking: 30th place


Chef de Mission for Austria:

  • Mag. Petra Huber


4,243 athletes from 164 nations competed in London from August 27th – September 9th 2012 in the sports of: archery, athletics, boccia, cycling, equestrian, soccer 5-a-side, soccer 7-a-side, goalball, judo, weightlifting, rowing, sailing, shooting, swimming, table tennis, sitting volleyball, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair fencing, wheelchair rugby and wheelchair tennis. Austria was represented in athletics, cycling, equestrian, wheelchair fencing, wheelchair tennis, swimming, sailing, shooting and wheelchair tennis.

With 2.7 million spectators, the XIV. Summer Paralympics were the most watched Games to date. Almost all competitions and events were sold out and the athletes were able to enjoy full stadiums and halls. With around 6,000 media representatives, the media interest was also greater than ever before and 251 new world and 314 new Paralympic records were reported during the 14 days.

At the Opening Ceremony, the Paralympic Team Austria was led by Table Tennis player Stanislaw Fraczyk as flag bearer into the Olympic Stadium, which was sold out with 80,000 fans. Among the spectators was Queen Elizabeth II, who personally declared the 2012 Paralympics open at the end of the ceremony.

At the Closing Ceremony, Günther Matzinger led Austria’s delegation into the London Olympic Stadium as flag bearer. The Salzburg native was able to win two gold medals for Austria – in the 400 meters and in world record time in the 800 meters – making him the most successful Austrian athlete at these Paralympics. Matzinger was happy: “It was a huge honor for me to march in as flag bearer in front of 80,000 people together with the other nations. That was another great celebration with a goosebump feeling!”

The 32 athlete Paralympic Team Austria was able to take home 13 medals (4x gold, 3x silver and 6x bronze) and finished 30th in the medal table.

The Paralympics London 2012 were something very special for all participants. Full stadiums and halls, enthusiasm among the people, excellent organization, and a great willingness to help, openness and euphoria among the British made the Games a unique experience.


Media value & key figures of the Paralympics LONDON 2012:



  • 14 hours on ORF1, ORF 2 and ORF Sport+, including 6 hours of LIVE coverage.

Print media:

  • 1,503 print articles
  • KURIER supplement – 12-page KURIER-Extra on the topic “Paralympics LONDON 2012” was published with a circulation of 249,200 copies

Online articles:

  • 500 online articles on the “LONDON 2012” Paralympics


  • News articles are published several times a week, during the Paralympics there are several articles daily
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Further information at: https://www.paralympic.org/london-2012

Medal table Paralympics LONDON 2012


09/05/2012 Walter Ablinger Bike/Time Trial (H2) Silver
01.09.2012 Pepo Puch Equestrian/Dressage Ind. Bronze
09/02/2012 Natalija Eder Spear Bronze
09/02/2012 Stanislaw Fraczyk Table tennis Silver
09/02/2012 Bil Marinkovic Discus Bronze
09/03/2012 Doris Mader Table tennis Silver
09/03/2012 Pepo Puch Horseback Riding/Dressage Freestyle Gold
09/03/2012 Thomas Geierspichler LA-400m (T52) Bronze
09/04/2012 Günther Matzinger LA-400m (T46) Gold
09/05/2012 Wolfgang Schattauer Bike/Time Trial (H1) Bronze
07.09.2012 Wolfgang Schattauer Wheel/Road (H1) Bronze
07.09.2012 Walter Ablinger Wheel/Road (H2) Gold
08.09.2012 Günther Matzinger LA-800m (T46) Gold
All results Paralympics LONDON 2012
Eder  Natalija Javelin – F12/13, women 3.
Eder  Natalija Bullet – F11/12, women 13.
Geierspihler Thomas 100m – T52 men 7.
Geierspihler Thomas 400m – T52, men 3.
Geierspihler Thomas 800m – T52 men 5.
Geierspihler Thomas 200m – T52, men 11.
Marinkovic Image Discus – F11, men 3.
Marinkovic Image Bullet – F11/12, men 8.
Matzinger  Guenther 400m – T46 men 1.
Matzinger  Guenther 800m – T46 men 1.
Mayer Robert 200m – T44 men 14.
Mayer Robert 100m – T44 men 19.
carpenter  George Bullet – F54/55/56, men 14.
Ablinger Walter Individual H 2 time trial, men 2.
Ablinger Walter Individual H 2 Road Race Men 1.
Ablinger/Etzlstorfer/Schattauer H 1-4 Team Relay, Mixed 6.
Eibeck Wolfgang Individual C 5 pursuit, men 7.
Eibeck Wolfgang Individual C 5 time trial, men 6.
Eibeck Wolfgang Individual C 4-5 Road Race Men 6.
Etzlstorfer Christoph Individual H 1 time trial, men 6.
Etzlstorfer Christoph Individual H 1 Road Race Men 8.
Gattringer Manfred Individual C 4 pursuit, men 11.
Gattringer Manfred Individual C 4 time trial, men 9.
Gattringer Manfred Individual C 4-5 Road Race Men DNF
Ruetz Anita Individual C 1-2-3 Pursuit Ladies 10.
Ruetz Anita Individual C 1-2-3 500m, women 8.
Ruetz Anita Individual C 1-3 time trial, women 8.
Ruetz Anita Individual C 1-3 Road Race, Women DNF
Schattauer Wolfgang Individual H 1 time trial, men 3.
Schattauer Wolfgang Individual H 1 Road Race Men 3.
Winterleitner Helmut T 1-2 time trial, mixed 10.
Winterleitner Helmut T 1-2 Road Race, Mixed 6.
Haller Thomas Ind. Championship Test – Grade II 16.
Haller Thomas Ind. Freestyle Test – Grade II DNF
Puch Pepo Ind. Championship Test – Grade Ib 3.
Puch Pepo Ind. Freestyle Test – Grade Ib 1.
Boehm Manfred Individual Saber – Cat. B, males 15.
Henriett  Koosz singles, women 1st round
Legner Martin single men 2nd round
Legner/Mossier Double men 2nd round
Mossier Thomas single men 2nd round
Onea Andreas 100m dolphin – S8, men 16.
Onea Andreas 100m breaststroke – SB8, men 4.
Onea Andreas 200m IM -SM8, men 9.
Tichy Peter 100m freestyle – S12, men 15.
Tichy Peter 100m backstroke – S12, men 13.
Tichy Peter 50m freestyle – S12, men 18.
Tichy Peter 100m breaststroke – SB12, men 15.
Weber driver  Sabine 100m backstroke – S6, women 16.
Weber driver  Sabine 50m freestyle – S6, women 16.
Weber driver  Sabine 100m breaststroke – SB5, women 4.
Weber driver  Sabine 100m freestyle – S6, women 18.
Bathroom/Rath/Reiger 3-person keelboat (sonar) 13.
Schnaiter Hubert P1-10m air pistol-SH1, men 12.
Schnaiter Hubert P3-25m Pistol-SH1, Mixed 15.
Schnaiter Hubert 50m Pistol & Rifle 25.
Dollmann Manfred Individuals – Class 3 Men Prelims
Fraczyk Stanislav Individuals – Grade 9 Men 2.
Kramminger Egon Individuals – Class 3 Men Prelims
Kramminger/Dollmann Team – Class 3 Men VF
Mader Doris Individual – class 3, women 2.
Ruep Hans Individuals – Class 2 Men Prelims
Ruep/Vevera Team – Grades 1-2 Men 4.
Vevera Andreas Individuals – Class 1 Men Prelims





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