SEPTEMBER 17TH – 28TH 2004


The Mascot: Proteas

SEPTEMBER 17TH – 28TH 2004


The Mascot: Proteas

Facts & Figures

3,808 athletes (1,165 women / 2,643 men) from 135 countries

519 medal events

19 disciplines

850,000 spectators

3,103 media representatives

Judo, soccer 5-a-side & women’s sitting volleyball for the first time Paralympic disciplines

Medal count Austria:

  • 44 Austrian athletes (4 women and 40 men)
  • 23 medals (8 gold, 10 silver and 5 bronze)
  • National ranking: 20th place


Chef de Mission for Austria:

  • Prof. Robert Bauer


3,808 athletes from 135 nations competed in Athens from September 17th – 28th, 2004 in the following sports: bocce, archery, soccer 5-a-side, soccer 7-a-side, weightlifting, goalball, judo, track and field, cycling, equestrian sports, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair fencing, wheelchair rugby, wheelchair tennis, shooting, swimming, sailing, sitting volleyball and table tennis. Austria competed in bocce, athletics, cycling, equestrian sports, wheelchair tennis, shooting, swimming and table tennis.

The XII Summer Paralympics were a real spectator magnet, around 850,000 viewers watched the 519 medal events live on site and around 1.85 billion viewers followed along at home in front of their TV sets. Paralympic athletes broke 304 world and 448 Paralympic records. In addition, 3,103 accredited media representatives reported from the Paralympics in Athens.
The Paralympic Team Austria was led into the stadium at the opening ceremony by swimmer Janine Schmid, who acted as flag bearer. At the closing ceremony, this honor was given to the track and field athlete and 5-time medal winner, Thomas Geierspichler.

The 44-strong red-white-red team won 23 medals (8x gold, 10x silver, 5x bronze) and ranked 20th in the medal table. From an Austrian perspective, these Paralympics were the most successful summer Paralympics to date and far exceeded all expectations and forecasts.
The most successful Austrian athlete was track and field athlete Thomas Geierspichler with 1 gold medal, 3 silver medals and 1 bronze medal.

Of course the medal winners were in the center of attention, but the performances of those athletes who came home without a medal must also be mentioned – they all gave their best. Without a strong team of trainers and coaches, as well as without sponsors, these successes would not be possible. All together form the “Success Team AUSTRIA”.

These games were not only the most successful Paralympics on an athletic level, but were also highly successful in terms of reporting, since the coverage in Austria was as extensive as never before concerning the summer games.

No matter if it concerns the coverage on TV (ORF), radio or print media, there was a huge increase compared to earlier times. This shows that the media have also recognized that disabled sports do not belong in the “social corner”, but that the Paralympics are top-class sports.

Further information at: https://www.paralympic.org/athens-2004

Medal table Paralympics ATHENS 2004

09/18/2004 Hubert Aufschnaiter P1 air pistol 10m Bronze
09/19/2004 Wolfgang Eibeck TrackTrack Bronze
09/19/2004 Thomas Geierspichler SuperG Silver
20.09.2004 Andrea Scherney Long Jump Gold
09/21/2004 Stanislaw Fraczyk Table tennis Gold
09/21/2004 Hubert Aufschnaiter Sport pistol 25m Silver
09/22/2004 Thomas Geierspichler LA400m Bronze
09/23/2004 Thomas Geierspichler LA1,500m Gold
09/23/2004 Dennis Wliszczak High jump Bronze
09/24/2004 Johann Mayrhofer Handbike Street Gold
09/24/2004 Georg Tischler Sphere Gold
09/24/2004 Willibald Monschein Sphere Silver
09/24/2004 Rene Black Sphere Silver
09/24/2004 Christoph Etzlstorfer Handbike Street Bronze
09/25/2004 Thomas Geierspichler LA-800m Silver
09/26/2004 Thomas Geierspichler LA Marathon Silver
09/27/2004 Christoph Etzlstorfer Handbike Time Trial Gold
09/27/2004 Wolfgang Eibeck Rad-Straße Gold
09/27/2004 Bill Marinkovic Spear Gold
09/27/2004 Johann Mayrhofer Handbike Time Trial Silver
09/27/2004 Wolfgang Dabernig Rad-Straße Silver
09/27/2004 Stanislaw Fraczyk/Rene Gutdeutsch Table tennis team Silver
09/27/2004 Wolfgang Dubin Sphere Silver
All results Paralympics ATHENS 2004
Gahleitner/Grossmayer/Prossegger/Steirer Team – BC1-2, Mixed 5
Gahleitner Gerhard Individual – BC1, Mixed 9
Grossmayer Harold Individual – BC1, Mixed 4
Prossegger Eva Maria Individual – BC1, Mixed 9
Styrians Hubert Individual – BC2, Mixed 9
Dubin Wolfgang Bullet F36, men DSQ
Dubin Wolfgang Discus F36, men 6
Eitzinger Bernhard Javelin F35, men 9
Eitzinger Bernhard Discus F35, men 8
Eitzinger Bernhard Bullet F35, men 10
Ferchl Gottfried Marathon T54, men 25
Ferchl Gottfried 800m T53 men 11
Gaggl Stefan 100m T46 men 5
Gaggl Stefan 200m T46 men 7
Geierspihler Thomas Marathon T52, men 2
Geierspihler Thomas 800m T52 men 2
Geierspihler Thomas 1500m T52 men 1
Geierspihler Thomas 400m T52 men 3
Geierspihler Thomas 5000m T52 men 2
Linhart Michael 100m T44 men 9
Linhart Michael 200m T44 men 10
Marinkovic Image Javelin F11, men 1
Marinkovic Image 100m T11 men 16
Marinkovic Image Long jump T11 men 10
Mayer Robert 100m T44 men 7
Mayer Robert 400m T44 men 7
Monshine Willibald Discus F12, men 11
Monshine Willibald Bullet F11, men 2
Scherney Andrea Bullet F42-46, women 5
Scherney Andrea Discus F42-46, women 9
Scherney Andrea Long jump T44/46, women 1
Schmee Dietmar Bullet F44/46, men DNS
Blacksmith Evelyn Discus F54/55, women 9
Blacksmith Evelyn Ball F54/55, women 9
Black Rene Bullet F54, men 2
Black Rene Javelin F54, men 7
carpenter George Bullet F54, men 1
carpenter George Discus F54, men 8
Wliszczak Dennis High jump T42 men 3
Dabering Wolfgang LC1-4 – Men’s 1000m time trial 30
Dabering Wolfgang LC4 – 3km pursuit men 4
Dabering Wolfgang LC4 – Time Trial (Road), Men 2
Eibeck Wolfgang LC1 – 4km pursuit men 2
Eibeck Wolfgang LC1 – Time Trial (Road), Men 1
Eibeck Wolfgang LC1-4 – Men’s 1000m time trial 7
Etzlstorfer Christoph HCA – Road Race Men 3
Etzlstorfer Christoph HCA – Men’s Time Trial 1
Kaiblinger Alfred LC1-4 – Men’s 1000m time trial 31
Kaiblinger Alfred LC2 – 4km pursuit men 5
Kaiblinger Alfred LC2 – Men’s Time Trial Road 13
Short Michael CP3/CP4 – Men’s 1000m Time Trial 17
Short Michael CP4 – 4km pursuit men 9
Short Michael CP4 – Men’s Time Trial (Road) 6
Mayrhofer John HCB-HCC – Road Race Men 1
Mayrhofer John HCB/HCC – Men’s Time Trial 2
Schattauer Wolfgang HCA – Road Race Men 5
Schattauer Wolfgang HCA – Men’s Time Trial 4
Haller Thomas Dressage Individual Championship Test – Grade II Open 15
Haller Thomas Dressage Individual Freestyle – Grade II Open 14
Baumgartner Herbert single men 17
Krieghofer Stefan single men 33
Legner Martin single men 5
Legner / Baumgartner Double men 9
Peinsith Adolf single men 33
Peinsith / Krieghofer Double men 17
Schnaiter Hubert SH1 air pistol, men 3
Schnaiter Hubert SH1 Pistol, Mixed 6
Schnaiter Hubert Sports Pistol SH1, Mixed 2
Holzner Walter Air Rifle Standing SH1, Men 6
Holzner Walter Rifle 3×40 SH1, men 13
Holzner Walter Rifle SH1, Mixed 32
Cruiser Oscar SH1 air pistol, men 14
Cruiser Oscar SH1 Pistol, Mixed 16
Cruiser Oscar Sports Pistol SH1, Mixed 15
Miller Werner SH1 air rifle, mixed 41
Miller Werner Air Rifle Standing SH1, Men 10
Miller Werner Rifle 3×40 SH1, men 9
Miller Werner Rifle SH1, Mixed 34
Rosenberg Thomas 50m breaststroke SB3, men 6
Rosenberg Thomas 150m individual medley SM4, men 11
Smith Jane 100m backstroke S7, women 6
Smith Jane 100m freestyle S7, women 12
Smith Jane 400m freestyle S7, women 6
Dollmann Manfred Individual Class 3 Men 5
Dollmann/Kramminger/Wolf Team Class 3 Men 5
Fraczyk Stanislav Individual Class 9 Men 1
Fraczyk/Gutdeutsch Team Class 9 Men 2
Good German Rene Individual Class 9 Men 11
Hajek Rudolf Individual Class 2, Men 9
Hajek/Ruep Team Class 1-2, Men 5
Kramminger Egon Individual Class 3 Men 9
Ruep Hans Individual Class 2, Men 9
Wolf Peter Individual Class 3 Men 19





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Sitting Volleyball

Table Tennis